Mas de Caladelle

Chambres d'hôtes dans les Cévennes à Saint Laurent-le-Minier

Gîtes de France


- Riverside at the heart of wild nature -

  • Breakfast Served on the terrace or in the living room

    The B&B service includes a continental breakfast served between 8:30 and 10:00 but for special requirement. It is a time we will enjoy with you to begin the day on a positive overtone. We hope you will always remember!
    We prefer local or homemade products.

  • Inquire for full rental Gîte

    Depending on avalaibility, our B&B can be transformed in a full accommodation with 4 rooms (9 people), a kitchen and a living room open on the main terrace. Access and parking are private.
    Indicative rates for a full week :
    Summer season 1300 Euros
    Other 900 Euros

  • Down to the river The Vis river, wild and pristine

    Our Mas overlooks the river from a few meters; this particular river holds a special “sauvage” label because of the special quality of its water and wildlife. It is a unique ecosystem that we are proud to make available for you for swimming and fishing. Quite easily you should be able to observe an endemic strand of Fario trout and a few crayfishes. Please take care of this precious environment and preserve it.

  • Touristic highligthts Nature and heritage

    Within 35 km from our Mas, visitors will be able to enjoy several outstanding sites and innumerable interesting spots, not so touristic, which will kindle your feelings for beauty and wilderness. We will gladly advise you depending on your particular interests and the season.

  • Our rooms Bright and roomy, waiting for you

    Our rooms are to your taste, cosy and warm. They open on a terrace overlooking the river on one side and on a wide corridor on the other side. Each room has its own bathroom and toilet. The furniture is old and we ask you to take care of it. For your comfort, we put new bedding ☺☺. You will appreciate the wood, the stone and the wrought iron used for the construction.
    Check in after 3pm, check out before 11am. We are sorry we cannot accommodate you pet friends.

Our home

Cévennes National Park
If you have never come to the Cévennes National Park you will be enthralled like everyboby by its stark wilderness mixing the rocky landscapes of the Causses, the green oaks forests on limestone slopes or chestnuts groves on shale rocks, green canyons crossed by cool and pristine rivers : the Vis river which bath our walls is one of these wild rivers. Human settlements are also captivating during the summer with many food markets, local festivals organized in the villages and small towns, along with a variety of cultural and sport activities. Several facilities around our Mas Caladelle propose trekking, potholing, kayaking, riding, karting… If you are the active type you will be hard pressed to explore all the possibilities. If you are the contemplative type you will enjoy the million places to admire an old building, a traditional house, a heritage spot or a wild and special landscape.

We offer all this and everything you can discover by yourself.

The Vis river, wild and full of life
Our Mas is on the South border of the Cévennes National Park, set on the Vis river bank, a pristine river with clear and abundant water all year round. The Vis river is our exceptional feature, a never ending delight. Swimming is recommended although under your own responsibility: the water temperature in summer stays between 19 to 21 Celcius; nice wading area for childre where the water is shallow, the river allows great swimming areas where it is deeper. Kayaking is forbidden on the river. The riverbanks are private and access is limited to neighbours and friends.
We are proud to be able to share this natural resource with our guests.

Mas de Caladelle
We are located at 1.5 km from the center of the village and 6 km from the nearest town where you can find all the commodities. The Mas over over 200 hundreds years old and has been fully refurbished to accommodate our guests: it is a family house and we welcome you in happiness and mutual respect. Part of the house and the land is reserved for the use of the guests.
We have some farmyard animals in free range and we cannot welcome your own pet animals.

Along with the accommodation our guests can access a large part of the site and the riverbank. Some parts of the land remain private for the comfort of our farmyard animals. You are welcome to inquire for any special request that we will try to satisfy within our constraints. There is no television set available but we do have a few bookshelves with French, English and Spanish literature.
If you need baby equipement please ask.
In spite of our intentions we could not adapt our old house for all disabled people: we will strive to accommodate any particular demand.

Because our house is isolated in a quiet environment, we do not have high speed internet access through local WIFI. GSM 3G connections are good though and digital tablets and smartphones connect pretty well. Several cafés and restaurants in town offer free WIFI access.


The weather at Saint Laurent le Minier

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  • We were delighted and surprised this summer by the Mas de Caladelle, large building recently renovated with great care. Right down the Mas flows the wonderful Vis River where we could swim in a wild, idillyc setting.
    We will remember the warm welcome from Pascal and the nice atmosphere of the place. We will come back!!

    August 2015

    by Amélie

Our Rooms

- The comfort and warmth of a family house in the Cevennes -

  • Main room

  • Main room

  • Bath room

702 pers.

Bedroom Roc Blanc

The Roc Blanc is the range that looms above the South of the valley and is visible through the window. A double bed and a single bed can accommodate 3 people. The double bed, on the mezzanine, allows some privacy. The bedroom opens on one side directly on the terrace towards the river and on the side on the hallway. The bathroom and the toilet are attached to the bedroom. The panelling is made out of poplar wood.

  • Main room

  • Main room

  • Bathroom

702 pers.

Bedroom de la Tour

The walls are round inside and outside. This recent addition to the Mas is not medieval but it confers a nice character to the building. Three windows open to the river, to the valley and to the mountain. The bedroom includes a double bed. It opens on the hallway. The bathroom and the toilet are attached to the bedroom.

  • Main room

  • Main room

  • Bath room

702 pers.

Bedroom de Campestre

Campestre is the name of a few acres opening on the Causse above our house which was used until the middle of the 20th century for cattle and charcoal production. The bedroom includes a double bed. It opens on one side directly on the terrace towards the river and on the side on the hallway. The bathroom and the toilet are attached to the bedroom. The panelling is made out of poplar wood and the parquet floor out of oak wood.

  • Main room

  • Main room

  • Bath room

702 pers.

Bedroom Vis River

The Vis River is our treasure. The bedroom includes a double bed. It opens on one side directly on the terrace towards the river and on the side on the hallway. The bathroom and the toilet are attached to the bedroom. The panelling is made out of poplar wood and the parquet floor out of oak wood.

  • Chambre1 personne 2 personne3 personne
  • Tour60 €70 €
  • Campestre60 €70 €
  • Vis60 €70 €
  • Roc Blanc70 €85 €


Tours available

Discover the natural sites and our heritage

Outstanding sites

Grotte des Demoiselles (Caves – 12km)
This breathtaking adventure will take you through caverns with stunning
giant stalactites and stalagmites, translucent draperies, calcite flows and
folds.As you descend to the impressive cathedral cavern measuring 120 meters long and 52 meters high, the “Mother-Child” nature-made sculpture and the “organ pipes” will come alive.
link to site
Navacelles Grand Canyon (27km)
The Navacelles Grand Canyon is the heartland of the Causses and Cévennes area listed on the UNESCO World Heritage. link to site
Vis river waterfall (1km)
Nested South of the Cévennes National Park and on the Vis river, the village of Saint Laurent le Minier is a peace heaven. Right at the village en trance stands a 15th century stone bridge arching over nice shadowy spots on the river bank with its pristine water.
link to site
Silk and silkworm Musuem (20km)
The museum consists of several sections which follow the various stages of silk production in chronological order. The first hall reproduces a ‘magnanerie’, or silkworm-feeding room where yo can see, from April to October, the growth of live silkworms. A second room is devoted to spinning, the production of the thread after its removal from the cocoons. The third room covers weaving and knitting.
link to site

Lieux remarquables

St Guillem le Désert (38km)
In the heart of the Hérault Gorges, in the Val de Gellone, the medieval village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is in a green setting along the meandering Verdus stream. Its houses are snuggled tightly together in ancient alleyways, with roof tiles baked by the Languedoc sun for twelve centuries. link to site

Mont Aigoual (48km)
Mont Aigoual Causses Cévennes invites you to discover the Mont Aigoual area, culminating at 1565m. link to site

Vallée de la Buèges (8km)
Saint Jean de Buèges, overlooked by its ruined castle, sits at the foot of the limestone cliffs of the Causse de la Selle. It has lovely stone houses you can admire before you drink a coffee near the Castle in the main square. From here you can reach the sources of Buèges towards Pégairolles-de-Buèges. link to site

Bamboo forest in Anduze (40km)
La Bambouseraie is a living place, a place where one is invited to dream and reflect, where every person can fulfill their desire for knowledge and enchantment. Every visitor can discover and share this exceptional garden at their own pace, helped discreetly and efficiently by La Bambouseraie’s team.
La Bambouseraie has been awarded the following titles:
Has been added to the list of Historical Monuments,
Jardin remarquable,
Plus beaux jardins de France,
Recommanded by: le Parc national des Cévennes
link to site
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