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Grotte des Demoiselles (Caves – 12km)
This breathtaking adventure will take you through caverns with stunning
giant stalactites and stalagmites, translucent draperies, calcite flows and
folds.As you descend to the impressive cathedral cavern measuring 120 meters long and 52 meters high, the “Mother-Child” nature-made sculpture and the “organ pipes” will come alive.
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Navacelles Grand Canyon (27km)
The Navacelles Grand Canyon is the heartland of the Causses and Cévennes area listed on the UNESCO World Heritage. link to site
Vis river waterfall (1km)
Nested South of the Cévennes National Park and on the Vis river, the village of Saint Laurent le Minier is a peace heaven. Right at the village en trance stands a 15th century stone bridge arching over nice shadowy spots on the river bank with its pristine water.
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Silk and silkworm Musuem (20km)
The museum consists of several sections which follow the various stages of silk production in chronological order. The first hall reproduces a ‘magnanerie’, or silkworm-feeding room where yo can see, from April to October, the growth of live silkworms. A second room is devoted to spinning, the production of the thread after its removal from the cocoons. The third room covers weaving and knitting.
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Lieux remarquables

St Guillem le Désert (38km)
In the heart of the Hérault Gorges, in the Val de Gellone, the medieval village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is in a green setting along the meandering Verdus stream. Its houses are snuggled tightly together in ancient alleyways, with roof tiles baked by the Languedoc sun for twelve centuries. link to site

Mont Aigoual (48km)
Mont Aigoual Causses Cévennes invites you to discover the Mont Aigoual area, culminating at 1565m. link to site

Vallée de la Buèges (8km)
Saint Jean de Buèges, overlooked by its ruined castle, sits at the foot of the limestone cliffs of the Causse de la Selle. It has lovely stone houses you can admire before you drink a coffee near the Castle in the main square. From here you can reach the sources of Buèges towards Pégairolles-de-Buèges. link to site

Bamboo forest in Anduze (40km)
La Bambouseraie is a living place, a place where one is invited to dream and reflect, where every person can fulfill their desire for knowledge and enchantment. Every visitor can discover and share this exceptional garden at their own pace, helped discreetly and efficiently by La Bambouseraie’s team.
La Bambouseraie has been awarded the following titles:
Has been added to the list of Historical Monuments,
Jardin remarquable,
Plus beaux jardins de France,
Recommanded by: le Parc national des Cévennes
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Local food & craft markets

Friday morning: Ganges (6km), local food producers and craftsmen
Saturday morning: Le Vigan (15km), local farmers and craftsmen from mid-May to mid-October
Other local markets

Hiking around

Our favorite hiking starting from the cirque de Navacelles. A stroll along the Vis river to its resurgence. 3h round trip.

Resurgence of the Foux


If you can swim: take a ride in kayak in the canyon of the Herault river, enjoy the thrill of the rapids.

Day ride, night ride or overnight camp.

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